Malawi Congress Party leader ‘ready to transform the country’

The new leader of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has said the party is ready to transform the country.

President Reverend Lazarus Chakwera said his election to run for the top seat in the country is the beginning of a long journey to change Malawi for the better.

Malawians are looking forward to seeing the economy develop in order to improve their lives, he said.

According to Mr Chakwera, Malawi is falling behind in economic growth and development because of a lack of strategic direction, Nyasa Times. The updated MCP is ready to provide this direction and improve Malawi’s position from the least developed country in the Southern African Development Community.

“We in MCP are ready to provide the leadership, new vision and direction is to transform Malawian lives in all sectors,” he commented.

Malawi needs a common national vision and agenda and the new MCP offers hope to people who are looking for selfless leadership, Mr Chakwera continued.

“We are ready to provide service and direction so that everyone knows where we are going; and where we would want to be.”

Under his leadership, the MCP will transform the country to a middle income country once he gets into government next year. He spoke of transforming the people by introducing tangible development and prosperity at the grassroots.

Mr Chakwera also criticised President Banda’s administration for not maintaining standards for infrastructure developments at schools, hospitals and agriculture schemes.  He pointed out that public university intake is falling and mentioned his disappointment in low electricity generation that often results in blackouts.

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